Wiki Style Guide

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Notes about documenting for the wiki:

Advice in General: Use the source editor instead of visual; it’s more reliable and less headache. When hyperlinking, only link the first instance of the item (see exception in Bases: Features).

Bases: include census join date and related info. Put Yes in the census for one base per member- leave blank if it’s a user’s second base. Put censusrenewal: 2022 for new bases. (This is reviewed and renewed every year). For censusarrival param, use date format YYYY/MM/DD and should be drawn from the census list, if the user is also on the Census.

Bases: Features: If there are features mentioned in both the layout Description and the Features, put the hyperlinks in the Features section, not Description. This is an exception to the general advice to hyperlink the first instance of a linkable term.

Census: Use mm/dd/yyyy for date. Params section must remain.

Bases: Additional Information Use the following template for in the “Additional Info” section: {{EldBases}} This will add the following to the output, and we can change the text when needed. This base is located on the capital planet of the [[Empire of Eld]], along with the [[Eld Imperial Palace]] and over one hundred and fifty other player bases. There is no need to go back and change existing pages.

Data Unavailable: See Uncharted Systems, below.

Deconstruction: See deletions

Definitions: Use the following markup to set terms and definitions: ;Word-to-Define: Definition This presents the word on one line, and the definition indented on the second line.

Deletions: When a page would normally be deleted entirely, use the {{deconstruction}} template. With optional parameter for an explanation.

Disambiguation: When a system or planet has a name that is already on the wiki elsewhere, disambiguate by adding the parent name in parentheses: Suhm (Eld imperial system 302)

Discovered: Use discoveredlink if they have a wiki account. Otherwise, just discovered

Distance: Remove LY and use commas when appropriate.

File Names: for images, use the following file names (images can be png or jpg):

  • eldXXX.jpg – discovery page of the system
  • eldxxxx-galaxy.jpg – galaxy map view
  • planetname.jpg – closeup of the planet itself
  • planetname-ground.jpg – first contact screen shot if you decide to provide it in the gallery
  • basename.jpg – overhead view of the base (or as much as you can get of it)
  • basename-detail.jpg – detail closeup of the base. For example, eldorado-dancefloor.jpg

Gallery: Use source editor. Do not include the image that goes into the infobox or the galaxy image (ie: No duplicates).

Enclose in <gallery> tags. Use captions:

File:EldEmblem.png| Simplified Eld Emblem for low-res and in-game use.
File:EldEmblem-simple.png| Eld emblem without motto
File:EldEmblem-full.png| Full color Empire of Eld emblem with motto

Gateway: If the system is not a Gateway system (where you can warp through the center of the galaxy– see Let’s Do The Galaxy Warp Again for a guide), leave this blank. ANY value in this will erroneously report it as “yes.” (Similar to the census fields in the infobox.

Glyphs: Use {{Gl|xxxxxxxxxxxx}} for portal glyphs. Use {{Gl/Small|xxxxxxxxxxx}} for portal glyphs in infoboxes.

Indentation: the : symbol at the start of a paragraph will indent it. This is used often in Talk: pages for responses.

Infobox: Much of the data in the infobox is reported elsewhere in CARGO templates. If the answer is “No,” leave it blank with the exception of moons star systems.

Links: First time an item is mentioned on a page, link it (see above exception for Bases: Features). After that, no link. If the alias is the same (for example “Eld Galactic Prime System” linking to Eld Galactic Prime System) do not alias it. Just link. If the displayed text should be anything different, use an alias.
Exception: anything tacked on at the end of a link, like a plural, will be aliased in the autolink. So [[Large Refiner]]s and [[Large Refiner|Large Refiners]] are functionally identical. In this case, adding the plural to the end of the autolink is preferred over using a full aliased link.

Lists: use a bullet point, not blockquote.

Moons: In infobox, if there are no moons, type 0.

Multiple Stars: The Discovery page will show if it’s a multi-star system. Stars within 2LY are not multi-stars unless they share planets.

Navigation Images: These should be 400px by default and should be readable at that size.

Planets: When making planet tables for System pages, crop them to a landscape size, rather than square.

Platform: This parameter is only needed for bases. Include it in the Discovered by for the user’s platform.

Region name: In the Summary, when the region name is just one word, add an unlinked “region” after it in the text.

Region Pages: On Region pages (only regions!), use the Distancecalc template to calculate the distance to the center of the galaxy. For example:  {{Distancecalc|coordinates=0FFC:00FE:04D6:xxxx}} is the distancecalc for the Tufinglu Adjunct (Eld Galactic Prime’s home region). The last 4 digits can be anything, but they must be in there. In the Infobox, the “light years” is automatically added, but when using distancecalc elsewhere it will return the number without providing the units.

Stars/Planets/Moons: Platform is no longer needed for stars, planets, or moon pages.

Stub: Remove the {{stub}} tag if you have documented the page pretty well and feel “done.”

Tables and Infoboxes: Don’t need to say “No” when the answer is no, but for planets, do identify if there is no moon.

Uncharted Systems: Three X’s in the discovery page for economy, faction, and conflict mean the system is Uncharted. Uncharted systems should be handled differently from other systems:

  1. Add the [[uncharted]] link to the Summary sentence (example: Crescendo is an uncharted star system in The Arm of Susyeni.)
  2. Note in the Space Station section that there is no space station in the system.

Infobox information:

faction= Uncharted
economy= Not Available
wealth= Not Available
conflict= Not Available

Versions: The Version template and the release information in the infobox should match. The value they should have is the release under which the last real update was made to the page (i.e. you wouldn’t change it for fixing a typo or adding a couple of words. But if you add a new section (say bases) or some items you found at the space station, then you update both of them. In short, those fields relate to how recent the information on the page is.